Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to Hack Yahoo Password When I Forgot Yahoo Password

Question: How to hack Yahoo password when I forgot Yahoo password?

When I changed my password I can go to all of yahoo product except Yahoo mail when I want to enter Yahoo mail I see a window with this title Confirm your identity: answer security question and ask me where did you spend your honeymoon? And send me a code to an Email that unfortunately I forgot both of them please help me cuz this is very important for me I am waiting for your answer thanks a lot my friends.

Answer One: Yahoo password hack with Yahoo Help page

You can go to the Yahoo Help page and click the link above. Then you will get to see three drop-down menus. Then you can click "Yahoo Account" in the first menu and then click "Password and Sign In" in the second one and then click "unable to sign in". In the fourth explanation in a few words you will see your problem with the security question.

Answer Two: Hack Yahoo password with Yahoo password hacker

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