Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How to Hack Facebook Password without Knowing Passwords

How to hack Facebook password without knowing passwords?

I have a crazy ex boyfriend of mine threatening to hack my already deactivated Facebook page. I recently deactivated it, but did not delete it permanently. I am not able to delete it due to the fact I forgot my current Facebook password a long time ago and Facebook required it for the deletion. So, I just did the best I could and deactivated it. He doesn't know the password I had. From what I know it was a long password with lots of letters and some numbers. Even I forgot it and I'm the one who made it up. Lol, I feel that if he tried to get my password he wouldn't get that far because hackers probably have to guess passwords or something. I mean, I have no idea how people hack. I'm sure you have to be pretty smart, though.

Anyways, he doesn't know my email address either. He just knows I had a Facebook and the name I was going by on there. Still he says he will hack me. Is this even possible? I know he can hack and all because he messaged me one day from a girls profile he hacked. Although, I think it would take a lot of time and such to do what he's saying he is going to do to me personally. I'm honestly sick and tired of his threats and him in general. He wants to make my life a living hell, and I'm sure if he got a hold of my once active Facebook with all my friends and family he easily could do that. It would be helpful if someone could explain to me what the possibilities of how to hack Facebook password without knowing email or password are and if he's just making false threats or not. Thank you!

This question is asked by Lzzy, an ordinary Facebook user who asked this question on Yahoo Answer. But I find it is quite interesting, so I feel like share it with you. Yes, sometimes we may afraid of somebody to hack our Facebook account without our permission. But in this question, is the girl's ex boyfriend able to hack her Facebook account? I think there are two situations.

Situation 1: For the girl – Facebook hack password with the forgot facebook password link

If the girl would like to deactivate her Facebook account, she has to log in her account again. If she forgot the password, she can click the forgot password link and type the related information and then find out her Facebook password via her registered email or her mobile phone or her birthday if she has it registered.

Situation 2: For the boy - hack Facebook password with Facebook password recovery tool

I think the boy is able to hack the girl's Facebook account only if he knows the password. But do you know where to find out the password? The Facebook password recovery tool is able to do that. Those Facebook password recovery tool is a kind of program that is able to find out the password that is saved in your browsers, no matter for Internet Explorer browser, Firefox browser or the Google Chrome browser.

It is said that the Facebook password recovery tool can hack forgotten Facebook password with ease. For example, the SmartKey Password Recovery Bundle is one of the famous Facebook password recovery tools. It is a package that can find out any passwords, including Windows system, Office files, RAR or ZIP archive, database, email and of course Facebook and Yahoo. You can Google search "forgot facebook password smartkey" to find out more detailed information about it.

But in this question, it the boy used the browser to save the girl's Facebook login password, he can hack her account. If not, he is unable to hack her Facebook account.

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