Thursday, May 16, 2013

Unlock Windows 7 Password with 2 Measures

Accident: How to unlock Windows 7 password when I forgot it?

Is there any way to unlock a default user account on a laptop with Windows 7 home after forgetting a password? Recently, I gave my daughter a laptop with Windows 7 home edition and she set up a user account and lost the password to unlock it. How do you unlock Windows 7 Professional on Home Premium? Is there a way to bypass that and login to the pc?

Measure 1: Unlock Windows 7 password with the Admin privilege

If the account password you lost or forgot is not the admin password and you still remember the administrator password of your computer, you can use the admin privilege to unlock the password of other accounts.

The brief steps are: login as the administrator and then open the Control Panel, click the User accounts and then select the account you lost or forgot the password for, and then change the account password that has been lost. Then restart your PC and then type the new password you have just reset, at last you will be the welcome screen and access your laptop or desktop with the account.

Measure 2: Unlock Windows 7 password with Windows password unlocker

If the lost account password happens to be the admin account, you can't use the first measure mentioned above.

You have to try other method to unlock Windows 7 administrator password, such as the unlock Windows 7 software because such software is more professional and goofy. Oral expressions words cannot be taken as evidence. You can totally believe in such Windows 7 password unlocker and have a free trial. Believe it or not, I have just downloaded one of them called SmartKey Windows Password Recovery and my conclusion is that it does well in how to unlock password on Win 7.

The brief steps are: download and install a Windows 7 password unlocker from another unlocked computer and then double click to open the tool. Burn a blank CD/DVD/USB flash drive with the tool. After the burning, take the flash drive away and then insert it to your locked laptop or desktop, do as the guide shows to unlock Windows 7 password.


  1. I have downloaded the trial version but it does not support to unlock the password. You have to pay to unlock it. It is such a disappoint after pining for hope to reset the password. Is there any real solution to it or after all you need to pay for it? :(

    1. Yes,it is not free but have a free trial. You have to pay for it in order to succesfully unlock your Windows 7 password.If you don't want to pay, you can also try the measure one mentioned in this article.Good luck.