Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I Forgot Yahoo Password But How to Hack Yahoo Password Quickly?

Question: I forgot Yahoo password but how to hack Yahoo password quickly?

Hello guys, do you have time now? I forgot my Yahoo account password and now I can't login to my Yahoo Email. I am so anxious and I hope you guys can do me a favor to hack Yahoo password. If you know how to recover Yahoo password, just tell me. If you know a method to find out my Yahoo account password, please tell me. If you know how to hack Yahoo password, please tell me right now. It is urgent and I need to access my Yahoo account. Any help will be thankful. Please help me.

Answer 1: No solution to Yahoo Email password hack 

Sorry, I don't know how to hack Yahoo email password quickly or easily. I can logon my Yahoo account now and I remember my Yahoo password clearly. Thus, I have no idea to unlock or reset your Yahoo password. However, I think you can sign up another Yahoo account and continue to be active in Yahoo if the locked Yahoo account is not so important to you. That is the only solution I can suggest. Good luck.

Answer 2: Yahoo password hack with yourself

If you remember the answers of your security questions, you can click the "I can't access my account" link and follow the step by step instructions to reset the password of your Yahoo account. The questions and answers are chosen and created once you register your locked Yahoo account. They are required by Yahoo in case you have any problems to login your Yahoo account.

I had once type the incorrect password of my account, but I was sure the Yahoo Email address was right, also I remembered the answers of my security questions, so I clicked the link and typed my Yahoo! ID and then reset my account password successfully. Therefore I think you can try this. But if you forgot the answers, I am sorry I have no other ways to help you.

Answer 3: Recover Yahoo password with Yahoo password hacker

I think the fastest way is to use a yahoo password hacker. That tool usually does well in Yahoo password recovery. Once you forgot the password, you can use it to recover it as soon as possible because it is good at Yahoo password hack and it has helped many users to find out their Yahoo account passwords so that it is more skilful and technical than using other methods.

I Google search and find that many persons recommend SmartKey Password Recovery Bundle. If there are no other methods, perhaps you can try it. You can check out http://www.recoverlostpassword.com for more tips.


  1. I remember the first question, but i cant remember the onther one :( what should i do?

  2. Hi, please help me hack someone's yahoo email.
    thank you!

  3. Hi I need help hacking yahoo account.can you please have a look for me.it has all my wedding info on it and wedding is 5 weeks away.you can contact me on mareears@yahoo.com.au the email im having trouble with mareeasimmons@yahoo.com.au thank you

  4. Can you please help me recover my yahoo password? I can't remember password and don't know security questions.

  5. I have a yahoo account "blueherb1979@yahoo.com, I don't remember password and security question. Please help me and give me passwords to good_man214@yahoo.com
    This is important Email for me.

    Thank you so much.

  6. Sorry to all of you. I have no time to reply you recently. So please forgive me and I will reply you one by one when I have time.

    1. I have a yahoo account tiacarterxx@yahoo.com, I don't remember password and security question. Please help me and give me passwords to shenla@yahoo.com
      This is important Email for me pl help me asap

  7. I have a yahoo account mkparwana@yahoo.com, I don't remember password and security question. Please help me and give me passwords to mkparwana@fmail.com
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  8. Hi Duke,
    can you have a look for me please?you can contact me on mein88kampf@gmail.com
    the email i'm having trouble with is bsammy_88@yahoo.com
    thank you very much!

  9. Hello Mr.Green.

    Can you recover a password for me? I do not remember the answers to the secret questions though...I've tried several programs but they didn't seem to work for me. The password I'm trying to get it's from this address vladimirtalevski@yahoo.com

    Can you contact me at jupijupije7@gmail.com


  10. i forgot my yahoo mail password nd security ques. but i know the email ID..is there ny way i can get it back?plz help so imp.

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  13. plx hlep me my yahoo account was hacked and security question are also forgot

  14. Could you please help me as well I'm sorry but I forgot all my yahoo information, except the login- mirandakelly15@yahoo.com. Could you help me with the password? meowmeowmeowpkittynyah@gmail.com