Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Two Facebook Password Recovery Techniques Let You Hack Facebook Passwords

Suppose that you haven’t login your Facebook account for months of Sundays, and one day your friends would like to add you as his or her friends on Facebook but it needs a confirmation, so you have to login your Facebook account and receipt the confirmation. Hoever, a terrible thing happens, that you forgot Facebook password by accident. You must feel embarrassing and sorry for your friends. And they may mistake that you are not truly to make friends with them. What’s even worse, some of them are likely to make a conclusion that you are out of date because you don’t even have a Facebook account!

That sounds terrible! You can’t imagine that to lose a Facebook password could lead to so many troubles, even though it is just your imagination. Thus, in order to avoid that thing happens, now you need a help to find out any methods about hacking Facebook passwords and this methods should be safe, without revealing your personal information on Facebook. Still wondering where to find? There are two options for you.

Technique 1: Hack Facebook password with clicking forgot your password link

As a matter of fact, you can hack Facebook passwords with a forgot password link, but you have to remember your login email address because you needs to click a sent confirm link to enter the Facebook page and then type your new passwords and then you can access your account again with the new password. This is the common way to most of the other websites, not only the Facebook. But you can try it when you have forgotten Facebook password but still remember your email address.

Technique 2: Facebook hack password with password recovery program

The most useful password recovery software I have used it the SmartKey Password Recovery Bundle. This is a professional Facebook password recovery app with twenty-two different types of little software in it and you can choose one of them to solve your disaster. I have tried one of them to recover my Facebook password and it worked. Maybe you can try it.

You can visit this link

Wow, now you have a choice. If you have choices, choose the best. If you have no choice, do the best. Don't make the choice if you dislike, once you make the decision, please hold on. These two methods are quite good, and you can use one of them and solve your problems. Good luck!


  1. I've been to a lot of sites all I want is the email and password to Catherine.zupan.33 I did what they asked but it dint work email me back

    1. Hi Catherine, what is the login email?

  2. hi duke Green can you hack this URL for me my email is

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  4. Pleaseeee duke green help. Someone changedyl My fb password and i cant acces my backup email what so ever. There are very memorable photos on my account that I need. If you could please email me at I would be so thankful!!

  5. Pleaseeeee help. Someone changed my fb password and I no longer have access to my back up email. I have very memorable photos on their that I'm dying to get back. If you could email me back at I would be so appreciative !! Thank you