Saturday, September 13, 2014

5 Million Gmail Passwords are Leaked by Hackers, What You Can Do?

If you read the recent news in Google, you will know that there are approximately 5 million Gmail account username and login password to be leaked. And that personal accounts and passwords are leaked in a Russian Internet forum on Tuesday. According to the news, there are about 60% of the accounts are in the state of usage, those passwords can not only open Google Gmail, but also other service such as Google Wallet. However, Google denies that this accident is caused by the security loophole and Google says that there is no evidence to prove its Gmail system is being hacked.

How Your Gmail Password is hacked?

Some of the specialists speculate that this account list is the collection of hackers attack leaked password. And what’s more, that is more likely to be the lost data that after users’ personal computers are hacked. Also some other insiders indicate that hackers create a huge password back via collecting the leaked email addresses and passwords, and then attempt to volume login them on Gmail. At last, they can get a batch of accounts and passwords that are matched to sign in.

Google Refuses the Cause of Gmail Security Loophole

After that incident, Google refuses that it is caused by the security loophole of Gmail and it has not yet found the evidence about its Gmail system is hacked. Also there is no proof to show that their user data are leaked. For that, Google suggests Gmail users to use the 2-Step Verification. If Gmail address is used to register lots of network service, and the owners set up the same password as their Gmail, once a website is hacked by hackers, Gmail account will be leaked as well.

For the sake of users' personal privacy, Google recommend those users who are influenced to make preventive measures to further protect their personal Gmail accounts. For example, to set up a more complicated password and at the same time, use the extra safe function named 2-Step Verification to protect them. In that case, as long as users are trying to login their Gmail account in a public computer, they have to type another verification code that is sent to their mobile phone, otherwise, they have no way to sign in.

How to Query if Your Gmail Account is Hacked

An America medium shares a website,, to allow the Gmail users to input their email address, and then the website will tell you whether your Gmail account and passwords are leaked or not. However, another medium warns the users not to type their address and passwords in the test pages, because this may be another way to stole users’ personal information. There are still several professionals remind the users to wait for the official inform or demand them in the official website. Do not use the anonymous website to check anything, in order to avoid being cheated again.

My Suggestion about Gmail Account Passwords Leaked

Therefore, my point of view is that, if you are happen to be one of the Google users but not luckily enough your password has not been hacked, you have better reset Gmail password right now. By the way, you might as well reading this article about how to password protect Gmail account with 2-Step verification if you feel like using this security verification and I wish it helpful to you.

PS: You may also like to read this post about Yahoo password hack in this blog.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

2 Practical Alternatives on How to Recover Encrypted iPhone Backup Password

It is said that the iPhone users usually create a password to protect their privacy, which is the same as the other smart phone users like Android, Nexus, HTC or Blackberry. That password is sometimes has the function as the screen protector to refuse other unnecessary trouble. But there is also another problem that is caused by the iPhone users. That is once they forget the password; it will be difficult for them to remind it. In this article, we will talk about one of the iPhone password, which is iPhone backup password, for you. What’s more, you can see 2 practical methods to help you recover iPhone backup password in iTunes that is password protected easily and quickly.

recover iPhone backup password

Why You Need to Recover Encrypted iPhone Backup Password?
Imagine that you open the iTunes that is installed in your computer, and then you are going to backup data in your iPhone. And then to your surprise, it asks for a backup password, but you haven’t used iTunes for a long time. Thus you lost it. What will you do about that situation? The most effective way is to take advantage of a helpful and useful way to recover it. I guess that’s why you need to recover Apple iPhone backup password.

Alternative 1: How to Recover Lost iPhone Backup Password for Windows Users?

How to Recover Backup Password for your iPhone on your pc when you lost it? Don’t worry! These are two remarkable methods for you to refer. You can pick one to deal with your password issue.

Way One: Recover Lost Password iTunes Backup for iPhone with Tool
If you search online about your iPhone backup password problem, you will find that there is a nice and professional iPhone backup password recovery tool, SmartKey iTunes Backup Password Recovery software for Windows users. It is a nice and cool third party application that is designed to restore iTunes backup password for your iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, 4, 3gs, etc. What's more, it supports iPad backup password and iPod backup password as well.

You may curious about how to use this iTunes iPhone backup password recovery tool. Now here is the brief guide:

#Step1: Download iPhone backup password recovery tool and then install it to your Windows-based machine because it is for Windows users.
#Step 2: Open your iTunes and this powerful iTunes iPhone backup password recovery software and choose a password attack type to decrypt your backup password.
#Step 3: After a while, the tool will find out what your backup password is and then you can copy and paste it to open your encrypted iPhone backup file.

Way Two: Helpful Video on How to Reset Forgotten iPhone Backup Password
If you are not clear about how to use it, here is a video guide about it, you can watch it and hope it helpful for you.

Alternative 2: How to Recover Forgotten iPhone Backup Password for Mac Users

If you are a Mac user, what will you do when you forgot iPhone backup password? Although the method for Mac users is not as simple as the Windows, you can still see this presentation about the details.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Top 3 Options on How to Reset Windows 8.1 Login Password Instantly

If you have used Windows computer before, it is hard for you to change the OS. As for me, I used to make use of Windows 7 operating system; I love the beautiful Windows 7 user interface. Therefore, when I hear that Microsoft won't support Windows 7 update, I am not willing to upgrade my system to Windows 8.1 but I have to. That is for the security of my Windows-based computer. But if you tell me to change to Mac, I will not make the decision. However, there is a problem when I upgrade the pc to Windows 8.1. That is, I lost login password on Windows 8.1 and have no idea about how to do that.

As we all know, there is not only a kind of password in Windows 8.1. Except for the Windows login password, also Microsoft account password, picture password, folder password and so forth. Although not all the password we need to create, once we forgot one, it is going to be a big trouble in my daily life because we always need to use the computer.

Consequently, if we can try our best to figure out the available method to reset Windows 8.1 login password, it will be great! As a matter of fact, after collecting a variety of ways, we can follow the below options to access Windows 8.1 or reset login password on Windows 8.1.

reset Windows 8.1 password

Option 1: Reset Windows 8.1 Admin Password with Safe Mode
In every Windows-based computer, people are able to use the safe mode to boot into the Windows operating system. All you have to do is to press Win + R in the keyboard to enter the Run box, and then type “msconfig” in the pop up box. Then press the Enter button of the keyboard. After this operation, turn to the boot tab, and then check “Safe boot”. After that, choose “Minimal”, the normal safe mode, and then click the “OK” button. Finally, restart your computer and then to access Windows 8.1 with safe mode. Then you can reset Windows 8.1 admin password in the control panel.

Option 2: Windows 8.1 Login Password Reset with Password Reset Disk
If you have created a Windows 8.1 password reset disk before you lost Windows 8.1 password, now you can make use of the disc to reset it at once. It is the normal way to reset Windows 8.1 login password. Therefore, you had better figure out the disc and then insert it to your locked Windows 8.1 computer, then restart it and follow the prompt to reset it.

Option 3: Reset Password in Windows 8.1 with Software
There is no doubt that the most efficient way to reset Windows 8.1 user password is to take advantage of the Windows 8.1 password reset program. That software is the one of the common method to rescue your computer. It is safe and easy to use, and usually supports customer service in all life.

One of the best Windows 8.1 password reset tool is the SmartKey Windows Password Recovery software. Besides the based features, its new GPU technical up to 10 X is faster than the other third party tools. It has 3 editions, which are Standard, Professional and Ultimate. You might as well see how to use it as below.
  • Step 1: Download and install this smart Windows password recovery key from another accessible Windows-based computer. Then click its shortcut on your desktop of the pc.
  • Step 2: Use a CD/DVD/USB to boot a Windows 8.1 password reset drive and then take the drive to your locked machine.
  • Step 3: Reset user password on Windows 8.1 by using the bootable disc successfully.
That’s all about how to reset Windows 8.1 password instantly, if your Windows version is not Windows 8.1 but Windows 8, you can check out this post about Windows 8 password recovery tips.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

8 Videos about Windows / Word / Excel / SQL / RAR / iPhone / iPad / Yahoo Password Recovery or Reset

Have you ever confused about how to recover password when you lost it? What kind of password you used? As a matter of fact, people who live in this modern society need to build passwords, and remember and type their passwords usually. For the security, they can't set up the password the same. What's more, different type of passwords has different requirements. Therefore, to create a password is easy, but to remember it is sometimes, difficult for them.

You may disagree with me because your opinion is that you can write down all the passwords in a notebook or in your mobile phone. However, that is not safe as well. Once you lose the notebook or phone, all of your passwords will be lost soon. What's even worse, if the password information is caught by the hackers, you will suffer heavy losses!

Then is there an efficient way to help with you figure out the lost passwords? Since there are too many passwords you used. Here in this article, you will see 8 videos about different situation of losing password. To speak of, some of the passwords can be recovered, while others have to be reset or removed.

Video1. How to Reset Windows 7 Password with USB Flash Drive
Windows login password is the frequently used password in our life. Now nearly every family has one or two computers. Some parents create the login password in order to prevent their children to abuse it. So if the login password in your Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista or XP is forgotten or changed, how can you deal with it? Here in this video, will take the Windows 7 as an example to guide you about how to reset Windows 7 password with USB flash drive, you can get your answer.

Video2. How to Recover Microsoft Word Password in 2003/2007/2010/2013
Microsoft Word document is usually used in the office and at school. If you have built a password in it and forgot the password, try to follow this video to recover it easily and quickly. It is safe and won’t do anything on your data.

Video3. Excel Password Remover - How to Remove Password on Excel 2003/2007/2010/2013
Except for the Word, Office Excel is also widely used in the company. Sometimes the workers need to encrypt their Excel spreadsheet, but if they lose the important password, their work will be chaotic. Thus, they need an Excel password remover to remove the lost password.

Video4. How to Reset SQL Server Password with SQL Password Recovery
Microsoft SQL Server is one of the awesome tools to manager your database. We all know that there is a password in every database if you have ever used it. Therefore, to make us of a SQL password reset tool to change the password when you forgot it is needed.

Video5. How to Recover RAR Password with RAR Password Recovery
As for your compressed file, RAR is no doubt to be the convenient software to deal with your big size files. If you encrypt an RAR file while transferring it to other persons, if you download an encrypted RAR file from the Internet, you might as well follow this video to decrypt RAR files.

Video6. Forgot iPhone Backup Password, How to Reset
Nowadays, iPhone is so popular in the daily. Suppose that you have 10 friends, perhaps 5 of them use iPhone. If you have ever used the iTunes to backup data in your iPhone, you will realize that there is a backup password in it. Once you have created the backup password, you can't use the iTunes until you typed the right password. Therefore, this video is of great help for you to reset iPhone backup password.

Video7. How to Unlock iPad Air Backup Password
As a good carrier to watch movie and listen to music, it seems that many person buys the iPad to enrich their lives. Meanwhile, just as the iPhone, if the person connects iPad to computer, they can backup data to the iTunes. And if iTunes asks for a backup password and you lose it, you can watch this video about how to unlock the password.

Video8. Forgot Yahoo Password - I Forgot My Yahoo Password How to Recover it
You may use the Yahoo product easier than you use the iPad. Yes, in the early times, we use the email service of Yahoo. And just like other emails, you need to type the correct account and login password. However, if you lost it, what are you going to do? Don’t worry, you can watch this videos about the solution.

Last but not least, if you are carefully enough, you will notice that among all the password recovery videos, the most useful tool is the SmartKey Password Recovery Bundle. It is able to recover or reset passwords on Windows, Office, Word, Excel, SQL, RAR and also your social media accounts. It is the powerful software that is designed to solve your password problems! It has 3 editions, which are Standard, Professional and Enterprise. To get more details about Password Recovery Bundle and its 3 versions, you might as well check out this page:

Friday, July 25, 2014

To Sum up My Posts about Any Password Recovery Tips

This blog has been created for about a year and until now I have written about 31 posts in it. I am so pleased with your coming to read my posts. Thank you all. You are my strength to let me go on. In this year, I have become busier than before. I have to deal with everything about my family, my work and my hobby.

As matter of fact, to give some advices of password recovery is not my real work, I it is just my avocation. Therefore, sometime I have no time to update this blog, even to read and reply your comments because of the other things. I feel so sorry for it.

However, to my surprise, there are still some other poor guys that get some trouble about password recovery and ask me for help. Therefore, in order to guide the new comer, I will sum up my posts about any password recovery here and hope it is helpful to you.

There are so many passwords that we have to use in the daily life. How can we remember them all and without any error? If there is a way we can use to recover the lost or forgotten passwords that will be great! Now you can see different password recovery tips about them.

1. Yahoo Password Recovery: There is no doubt that this is the most popular type in this blog. So many readers ask for the better way to hack, recover their forgotten or lost Yahoo account passwords.

2. Facebook Password Recovery: I study this because I had an experience of forgetting my Facebook account password and it took me 2 weeks or so to find it back. I remembered that at that time, I can't share my daily photos with my friends. I lost in Facebook for some time and some of my friends even ask me the reason.

3. Twitter Password Recovery: If it is likely that you forget Facebook password, then you may also forget Twitter password. Because of that thought, I learn the tips about it and share them with you in this blog.

4. Windows Password Recovery: It is said that the Windows users still occupy the most. Among the Windows users who has created Windows login password, how can we help them to solve it? You can get password recovery, remove or reset tips about Windows 8.1, 8, 7, XP and Vista here.

5. iTunes Backup Password Recovery: Since the Apple device has become a kind of fashion trend, more and more persons use the iPhone, iPad or iPod to light up their lives. But there is a backup password needed when they connect their device to the Windows and open the iTunes. If you have built it but forgotten that password, you can get answers in this blog.

6. Word Password Recovery: Microsoft Office Word is widely used, especially the office workers. Sometimes you may need to encrypt your Word document in order to protect business. Therefore, if you or your friends need to decrypt Word document, read the tips here.

7. WiFi Password Recovery: It is said that people treat Wi-Fi ad their lovers. If you go to a place that has no wireless, you can't stay in it for more than 1 hour. Therefore, if you forgot the WiFi password or want to crack WiFi password, get solution in this blog.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

How to Change Yahoo Email Password with 3 Remarkable Ways

People who use Yahoo products most is the Yahoo Email. They use the Yahoo Email to send and write contents to others. Perhaps that email includes their good memory with their lovers. Perhaps the email includes the important files. But no matter what they use the email for, once they can't login the email, it will be a big trouble for them. In order to get the Yahoo email back, they ask for help on the Internet or their friends about how to change Yahoo email password as soon as possible. What's more, most of them can't calm down and think about the problem. But actually if they think over it, such situation is able to be solved. You can refer the following tips.

Solution 1: Change Yahoo Email Password with Security Answers

Perhaps you are too worried to lose your login password, but if you are carefully enough, there is a reset password link below the login textbox. Its name is "I can't access my account ". Just click the link and then you will be leaded to another page. Click one of the options and then enter another page. Follow the instruction and then if you remember your security question and answers, you can type your information. Then your Yahoo password will be reset.

Solution 2: Yahoo Email Password Change with Mobile Number

The solution is actually to hack your Yahoo account with security question and answers. This way is to make use of your mobile number to hack your email. If you forgot your Yahoo login password, you can hack it with your mobile number. This information also appears in the reset password link. You can click it and then follow the hint and in the specified page you will be noticed that a message is sent to your mobile phone. At this time, you can check your phone and copy the code in the confirmation text.

Solution 3: Change Your Yahoo Email Password with Password Recovery Bundle

To speak of this, you have to create your security question and answers and type your mobile number when you register the Yahoo account in order to retrieve your account. However, what if you have never filled in the information? In my opinion, you have the last but not least way! That is to make use of SmartKey Password Recovery Bundle. You can Google Search the details.

You can also learn more information about how to hack Yahoo password when I forgot Yahoo password in this blog.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

How Long to Crack Your Password?

Even though the question about password security has been a hoe truth, we still can’t emphasize the importance of it too much. In the process of using the Internet device, we always need to type the password. What’s more, as the increasing of the network activity, we almost have to create and remember a lot of different accounts and passwords. However, does your password safe? Do you want to know how long to crack your login password? The Intel has a test page for you to check whether your password is safe or not.

This test page is so simple. As long as you type the password you need to test, then click the “Grade my password” button, you will see how long to crack it. To speak of, in order to make sure the testers know that this page is safe, there is a sentence typed by Intel: “We will not save any information about the testing password. The password you input is only tested in your computer and will not upload to the Internet. By the way, be careful when you type your password in any place.”

I have also tested it for about 15 minutes. My password is usually in 10, with numbers and characters. In my opinion, this kind of password is safe enough. To my surprise, the testing result is on the contrary. It is only 18.4 seconds to crack my testing password! Oh my God!

Then I improve the password to 21 and also with numbers and characters. At this time, the password needs to be cracked in 2143250418 years. It seems that the longer and complicated the password is, the harder to crack the password.
Now let’s see the testing page, click here:

Below the testing page, the Intel also gives some suggestions for the users about the password:
1. It is good for you to use a mix of upper case letters, symbols and blank place. And the long password can also strengthen your password.
2. Use different passwords in different places and do not repeat them.
3. Try your best to diversify your social network passwords.

By the way, if you lost your password, you can try the SmartKey Password Recovery. It is useful password recovery software to help use reset or recover passwords.