Monday, December 29, 2014

SQL Server Password Recovery - How to Reset SQL Server Database Password

If you use the Microsoft SQL Server database and create a password in it, and forgot the password one day, what will you do the next? If you have experienced about it before, then it’s okay. However, if it is the first time that you lose it, you may be so worried about it. And now it doesn't matter about that, because there is an excellent way for you to regain access the SQL Server database, which is to make use of the SmartKey SQL Password Recovery software.

People who lose SQL Server password may want to find out the password back, but this smart SQL Password Recovery key is not able to figure it out. It is a powerful program to reset your SQL Server database password. The most important thing is that, you won’t lose anything about your locked SQL Server database when using it.

Now let’s see how to use this SmartKey SQL Password Recovery software as below:
Step 1: Download this software from its official website, and then install it to your Windows-based computer. Then click the shortcut to open this program.
Step 2: Click the Open button to import your database file. The default path is:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10.MSSQLSERVER08\MSSQL\DATA

Step 3: Then you can see all the databases including the User Name and Password in it. Some of the password is Empty, which means there is no password created in it. But some passwords are Unknown, which means you forgot the password and you can change it to a new one.

When it comes to talk about the database, most of us may think of the Microsoft SQL Server database. For all that you hear about Microsoft's servers, the corporation doesn't release SQL Server many, but there is an addition in the year of 2014 and that is the SQL Server 2014. Database software like Oracle has in widely used in the big firms, offering a wider variety of functions to help your data to be managed. However, we have to admit that most of us know SQL Server than Oracle. What's more, Microsoft SQL Server has been applied to the small and medium enterprise.

There is a question that what to do when the users who would like to recover password of SQL Server database? In my opinion, there are still no solutions to crack the forgotten SQL Server password in the world. Of course, if you remember it back, then it is the different situation. But I have asked for a large number of programs and none of them work for cracking the password.

Consequently, if you forgot SQL Server database password, you have two options to use:
Option 1: Remind it back if you are willing to get the original password.
Option 2: Reset it in order to use the database as usual by using SQL Server password reset tool.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Product Key Recovery - How to Find Product Key for Microsoft Windows or Office

As one of the Windows users, you many need to install software of Microsoft, such as Office, Visual Studio or SQL Server. From all of the Microsoft software, you have to know the product key while installing it. This is not so easy to find. Although there are so many users who share product keys online, but it is hard to say that they works on every one.

At present, if you search Google to find Office product key or Windows product key, you can still find some free keys, but you have to try so many times one by one. If you are lucky enough, the first key will work. However, large numbers of users can not use the offered key to active Microsoft Office or Windows software.

What is the best way to find product key?

In that case, does it mean that you have to give up all the attempts and stop asking for the free product keys? As a matter of fact, you don't have to worry about it too much. Nothing is impossible if you try your best to do it. There is a tool named SmartKey Product Key Recovery ( and it is a safe, well-known and awesome product key finder!

What the smart product key finder supports?

This smart key finder is able to retrieve lost keys for all Windows and Office versions. It supports the following software:
  • Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista/Server
  • Office 2013/2010/2007/2003
  • Visual Studio 2012/2010/2008/2005
  • SQL Server 2014/2012/2003/2000

How to use SmartKey Product Key Recovery to retrieve product key?

To use this utility is as simple as the name shows. You can follow the steps as below:
Step 1: Find out this software from the SmartKey official website ( and download it to your Windows-based laptop or desktop. And then install it, and then launch it.

Step 2: Open this tool and then you can see the whole user interface. Just click the Get Key button and wait for a while. All the product keys will be found in this software.

Step 3: Hit the Save button and then all of them will be saved in a txt file.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Top 6 Free Password Manager Software You Need to Know

If you are a user who always have to remember your password, you might hear of the password manager! Yes, there are password manage tool in the Internet and you can get one of them to help you remember your password. And there I will introduce 6 free password manager for you.

1.Quick Password Manager

2. Passpack

3. KeePassX

4. KeePass

5. Password Gorilla

6. Roboform

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Top 3 Selections for You When You Forgot Yahoo Password and Security Question

As for Yahoo users, the Yahoo account means everything to you. With a Yahoo account, you can use all the Yahoo service such as Email, Messenger and Answers. In order to use the Yahoo account, you have to type correct Yahoo ID and password at the same time. If one of them is incorrect, you can't login the account successfully. However, sometimes we may have trouble remember them. Some users may forget Yahoo ID, while others may not able to remember the login password. What’s even worse, a part of them may even forget the security question. In this post, we will talk about it.

forgot Yahoo password from Twitter

The Yahoo ID is actually the Yahoo email address, and the password is created and remembered by you, Yahoo will not keep your login password. That is to say, once you register a Yahoo account, you have to remember the Yahoo ID and login password correctly, otherwise, you are not able to continue login your Yahoo account. Well, you are not expected to see that situation occurs. Therefore, try your best to handle with this problem and take it seriously is your responsibility.

What to Do When You Forgot Yahoo Password and Security Question?

If you forgot Yahoo password and need to login the account urgently, what will you take action to do? Most of the persons have learned that they can make use of the security questions, but not everyone is so lucky to remember his or her security question and answers. Fortunately, there are still other options you can take advantage of.

Selection 1: Reset Yahoo Password with Mobile Number

When you register Yahoo account, you have to type the mobile number and that is required to type in, you can't leave it blank. Otherwise, you will not sign up the Yahoo account now. Consequently, once you forgot Yahoo password and the security question, you can reset it soon.
Step 1: Click the "I can't access my account" on the Yahoo login page from the computer and then it will jump into another page about your account problem.
Step 2: Select "I have a problem with my password" and then click the "Next" button. Then it will skip to another page and require you to type the mobile number.
Step 3: Type your mobile number and then click "Next" button, then Yahoo will send a verification code to your phone. Then you will see another page that allows you to type the code.
Step 4: Copy the code and paste it to the textbox, then you can reset your Yahoo password successfully.

text message reset Yahoo password

Selection 2: Recover Yahoo Password with Optional Recovery Number

The Optional Recovery Number is appeared when you create the new Yahoo account. But it is different from the Mobile number because it is not the required field. Therefore, if you have filled in it and remember the recovery number, you might as well ask for help from it and try it right now. The steps are similar to selection 1, so good luck to you and hope you are able to recover your Yahoo password successfully.

Selection 3: Crack Yahoo Password with Yahoo Password Recovery Tool

Another method to help you when you forgot Yahoo password and security question and answers is to make use of the third party Yahoo password recovery software to crack it. One of the best and frequently-used tools is SmartKey Password Recovery Bundle. It is a toolkit that included approximately 22 different password recovery tools. And you can try the Firefox Password Recovery or Internet Explorer Password Recovery to deal with your Yahoo password problem.

How to Download This Smart Yahoo Password Key

Way 1: If you are interested in how to use this powerful password recovery toolkit that is made from SmartKey software, you can Google search and visit and download from its official website.

Way 2: You can click the image as below and secure download and then install it from CNET download page as well:

CNET secure download

How to Use This Professional Yahoo Password Recovery Software

You can know how to use it from its official guide page, or watch this video guide about how to use SmartKey password recovery bundle to recover Yahoo password when you forgot it:

Friday, September 26, 2014

iOS 8 Backup Password Recovery - Recover iOS Device Backup Password Before or After iOS 8 Update

Recently I am sure many users attempt to update their iOS devices to iOS 8, Apple’s new operating system. It is a good trend for us because we can try something new. However, some of us may get some trouble when we update our machines to iOS 8. No matter it is iPhone, iPad or iPod, we had better backup data before updating them to iOS 8, otherwise, we may lose date after the update. But a large number of users still lose data while updating their iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Why We Need an iOS 8 Backup Password Recovery Tool?

As we all know, whatever we backup date before or after iOS 8, we all need to take advantage of the iTunes backup. But it is known to us that there is a backup password in iTunes. Therefore, the situations are as below:
Problem 1: You don’t backup data before update to iOS 8, and then lose data after updating iPhone, iPad or iPod to iOS 8, and then you would like to restore some old data by using iTunes backup, and however, the iTunes backup password stops you because you forgot the backup password.
Problem 2: You use iTunes to backup data before update iOS 8, and then after updating, you lose data. Thus, you want to get back the data in iTunes, and however, you lost iTunes backup password, and then you can’t open the iOS 8 backup file to get the data back.

Don't laugh at the persons who stuck in the above two problems because this may happen in the persons who around you. Unfortunately, if you are in trouble with the above one or two problems and want to figure out a method to unlock iOS 8 backup file, don't worry about it too much. Here I recommend a workable way for you to cope with it, and that is the SmartKey iTunes Backup Password Recovery program.

What is iOS 8 Backup Password Recovery Tool?

This SmartKey iTunes Backup Password Recovery tool is designed for iOS device users to unlock backup password in iTunes. It supports iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad or iPod. In a word, as long as you have an Apple mobile device, no matter what generation it is, no matter it is what generation in iTunes, you can use it to recover your backup file password. Furthermore, it can be installed in any Windows-based operating system.

How to Use iOS 8 Backup Password Recovery Tool?

Well, this may be the most convenient iOS 8 backup password recovery tool in the world. If you are interested in how to use this smart iTunes backup password recovery key, you can see it as below:
Step 1: Download and install this iOS 8 backup unlocker to your personal computer that has been installed iTunes.
Step 2: Open this iTunes backup password recovery software and then input your iOS 8 backup file. The default path is as below. But it depends, different pc may have different location.
Windows 8.1/8: Users>USERNAME>AppData>Roaming>Apple Computer>MobileSync>Backup
Windows 7/Vista: C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup
Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup
Step 3: Choose one of the password attack types and click the Start button to recover your iOS 8 backup file password. After a while, your backup password will be decrypted.

Emm, that's so easy! Have you got it and recover your data of iOS device after get the backup password back? Welcome to share your problems and solutions with me.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

5 Million Gmail Passwords are Leaked by Hackers, What You Can Do?

If you read the recent news in Google, you will know that there are approximately 5 million Gmail account username and login password to be leaked. And that personal accounts and passwords are leaked in a Russian Internet forum on Tuesday. According to the news, there are about 60% of the accounts are in the state of usage, those passwords can not only open Google Gmail, but also other service such as Google Wallet. However, Google denies that this accident is caused by the security loophole and Google says that there is no evidence to prove its Gmail system is being hacked.

How Your Gmail Password is hacked?

Some of the specialists speculate that this account list is the collection of hackers attack leaked password. And what’s more, that is more likely to be the lost data that after users’ personal computers are hacked. Also some other insiders indicate that hackers create a huge password back via collecting the leaked email addresses and passwords, and then attempt to volume login them on Gmail. At last, they can get a batch of accounts and passwords that are matched to sign in.

Google Refuses the Cause of Gmail Security Loophole

After that incident, Google refuses that it is caused by the security loophole of Gmail and it has not yet found the evidence about its Gmail system is hacked. Also there is no proof to show that their user data are leaked. For that, Google suggests Gmail users to use the 2-Step Verification. If Gmail address is used to register lots of network service, and the owners set up the same password as their Gmail, once a website is hacked by hackers, Gmail account will be leaked as well.

For the sake of users' personal privacy, Google recommend those users who are influenced to make preventive measures to further protect their personal Gmail accounts. For example, to set up a more complicated password and at the same time, use the extra safe function named 2-Step Verification to protect them. In that case, as long as users are trying to login their Gmail account in a public computer, they have to type another verification code that is sent to their mobile phone, otherwise, they have no way to sign in.

How to Query if Your Gmail Account is Hacked

An America medium shares a website,, to allow the Gmail users to input their email address, and then the website will tell you whether your Gmail account and passwords are leaked or not. However, another medium warns the users not to type their address and passwords in the test pages, because this may be another way to stole users’ personal information. There are still several professionals remind the users to wait for the official inform or demand them in the official website. Do not use the anonymous website to check anything, in order to avoid being cheated again.

My Suggestion about Gmail Account Passwords Leaked

Therefore, my point of view is that, if you are happen to be one of the Google users but not luckily enough your password has not been hacked, you have better reset Gmail password right now. By the way, you might as well reading this article about how to password protect Gmail account with 2-Step verification if you feel like using this security verification and I wish it helpful to you.

PS: You may also like to read this post about Yahoo password hack in this blog.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

2 Practical Alternatives on How to Recover Encrypted iPhone Backup Password

It is said that the iPhone users usually create a password to protect their privacy, which is the same as the other smart phone users like Android, Nexus, HTC or Blackberry. That password is sometimes has the function as the screen protector to refuse other unnecessary trouble. But there is also another problem that is caused by the iPhone users. That is once they forget the password; it will be difficult for them to remind it. In this article, we will talk about one of the iPhone password, which is iPhone backup password, for you. What’s more, you can see 2 practical methods to help you recover iPhone backup password in iTunes that is password protected easily and quickly.

recover iPhone backup password

Why You Need to Recover Encrypted iPhone Backup Password?
Imagine that you open the iTunes that is installed in your computer, and then you are going to backup data in your iPhone. And then to your surprise, it asks for a backup password, but you haven’t used iTunes for a long time. Thus you lost it. What will you do about that situation? The most effective way is to take advantage of a helpful and useful way to recover it. I guess that’s why you need to recover Apple iPhone backup password.

Alternative 1: How to Recover Lost iPhone Backup Password for Windows Users?

How to Recover Backup Password for your iPhone on your pc when you lost it? Don’t worry! These are two remarkable methods for you to refer. You can pick one to deal with your password issue.

Way One: Recover Lost Password iTunes Backup for iPhone with Tool
If you search online about your iPhone backup password problem, you will find that there is a nice and professional iPhone backup password recovery tool, SmartKey iTunes Backup Password Recovery software for Windows users. It is a nice and cool third party application that is designed to restore iTunes backup password for your iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, 4, 3gs, etc. What's more, it supports iPad backup password and iPod backup password as well.

You may curious about how to use this iTunes iPhone backup password recovery tool. Now here is the brief guide:

#Step1: Download iPhone backup password recovery tool and then install it to your Windows-based machine because it is for Windows users.
#Step 2: Open your iTunes and this powerful iTunes iPhone backup password recovery software and choose a password attack type to decrypt your backup password.
#Step 3: After a while, the tool will find out what your backup password is and then you can copy and paste it to open your encrypted iPhone backup file.

Way Two: Helpful Video on How to Reset Forgotten iPhone Backup Password
If you are not clear about how to use it, here is a video guide about it, you can watch it and hope it helpful for you.

Alternative 2: How to Recover Forgotten iPhone Backup Password for Mac Users

If you are a Mac user, what will you do when you forgot iPhone backup password? Although the method for Mac users is not as simple as the Windows, you can still see this presentation about the details.