Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How to Unlock Windows 7 Password When Locked Out of Computer

Question: How to Unlock Windows 7 Password When I Locked Out of Computer?

I have a Windows 7 laptop and I have used it for 2 years. I know we can upgrade it to Windows 8 but I still have no time to do it. I think Windows 7 is good enough to use. There is also a login password I create to protect my privacy. I think it is a fantastic function.

However, today my younger brother uses my Windows 7 laptop to play games! I have no idea about how he reset my login user name, but then the computer is restarting, and then it still needs the open password, but the original password is not able to use, it hints that the original user is already disable to use. Now I am locked out of my computer. Everybody, I don't know how to unlock Windows 7 password but could you please help me in?

Solution 1: Reinstall your Windows 7 Operating System

The most primitive method is to reinstall your Windows 7 operating system. In the past, most of the Windows users had to reinstall their OS when they lost or forgot Windows login password. On one hand, Microsoft has no way to help them find out the password. On the other hand, it is generally believed that to reinstall Windows OS is the easiest method. Now if you forgot Windows 7 password and have no idea about how to get the password back, also, there is no important file in your C disc, you can still use this method. It's okay.

Solution 2: Reset Windows 7 password with Reset Disk

Most of Windows 7 users hear of the Windows 7 password reset disk more or less. If they has the habit to create a Windows 7 password reset disc, it will be of great help when they lost Windows 7 password. Remember that in this method, you have to create the password reset disk when you can login the computer. Then once you forgot Windows 7 password, you can use this password reset disk to change the password. Just insert the disc and click the reset password option under the password login textbox and then follow the hints to reset Windows 7 password. At last, login Windows 7 with the new password.

Solution 3: Recover Windows 7 Password with Software

If you don't want to reinstall Windows 7 password and also have no Windows 7 password reset disk. Then the last but not least measure is to take advantage of the third party software. Such Windows 7 password remove tool is not only able to delete Windows 7 password, but also to change the password or create a new account with a new password.

Generally speaking, the Windows 7 password unlock tool has 2 or 3 editions. You can choose one based on your actual situation. You are able to utilize a CD/DVD/USB as the carrier to remove or recover the password using the program. But don't forget that you have to download this program from another accessible computer, not your locked one.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

4 Question and Answers about How to Recover Lost Password

In my experience of talking with my friends, what the problem confuse them most is the password issues. Many of them have the similar story of losing passwords. I think that is normal because we are not sure that we can remember everything forever, so does our passwords. The following questions are some of the password problems what I collect. I give my answers about how to recover lost password as below. If you have any other better suggestions, welcome to share them with me. Hope we can make progress together and hope them helpful to you.

Question 1: I lost my password! I lost my Windows login password and it is a Windows 8 Dell laptop! What can I do? There are larger numbers of my personal information in it. I can't lose the password. I have used this Windows 8 laptop for two years and it is always my only laptop. In my family there are also another desktop but it is my father's and I can't find my material in that computer. Therefore, please help me, I want my password back!

Answer: Actually in this case, what you want is to unlock your laptop. In my opinion, you can try to use the Windows password reset disk to reset the login password. But if you don't have the disk, you can use a Windows password recovery tool to reset the password with a USB. That tool is easy to use than other methods.

Question 2: My workmate lost her Office Excel password and she is so worry that she will be fired by our boss. She is a good girl and actually I love her but she doesn't know this. How can I help her to recover lost Excel password? Does anybody have the idea about how to solve this problem? If I can recover this password, I will be grave to tell her my secret. Thanks in advance.

Answer: As a matter of fact, we have to know a truth. Once you lost Excel password, Microsoft won't help you with this. You have to remind the password or make use of the third party tools. Here the SmartKey Excel Password Recovery is one of the excellent Excel password recovery tools to recover lost Excel password successfully. You can Google Search it.

Question 3: My younger brother lost his iPhone backup password. I buy a new iPhone 5S to him as his 20-years-old birthday gifts because his old iPhone 5 is broken and he loves the new iPhone so much. Then last week he told me that when he connected the iPhone to iTunes using the Windows computer, iTunes asked for a backup password to open his iPhone backup. However, he lost that password. He asks me for help because he would like to backup photos, messages and contacts to iTunes. Do you have any good idea?

Answer: In this situation, unless you remember your backup password, otherwise, you can also take advantage of an iTunes backup password recovery tool to recover the password. Yes, it is a program, as well. But it is able to recover lost iTunes backup password and show it to you. The important point is that it can solve your problem.

Question 4: My husband lost his Facebook account password. He had a facebook account and had not used it for 2 years. Now he wants to login it but he forgot facebook password and have spent an afternoon to try every possible password. He also forgot the login email address. Is there any way I can use to help him? Any possible method will be appreciated.

Answer: I understand that as we are getting old, our memory may be in a mess. It is normal for us because we are just human. So don't worry about this too much. But as far as I am concerned, it is just because we are not perfect, that we can utilize the other tools to help us. Such as to help us find out facebook password. Here I still suggest the SmartKey Password Recovery Bundle as a good-to-use toolkit.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Yahoo Password Hacker - Easy Way to Hack Your Lost Yahoo Password

Scene 1: I lost my Yahoo email password and have no way to find it back. What should I do? It is an important email address that I have received numbers of emails from it. I can't leave it! I can't help crying! OMG! How could I make such a foolish mistake? How could I forget this Yahoo email password! Now it's too late to apologize. I know I must find out my Yahoo email password and use it to enter my Yahoo email. Anyone can help me? Thanks in advance.

Scene 2: I have a Yahoo account that I have not used for almost one year and now I need to use it. I remember what the address is but I forgot the password. I know to register a new address is also acceptable and it will not take me several minutes but I don't want to! I just want to get my password back so that I can continue to use it. Oh, I won't forgive myself if I have no way to get this Yahoo account back. So please tell me how to recover Yahoo password so that I am able to enter my Yahoo account.

Sometimes there are some people who lost their Yahoo account password, and in my opinion, this is so familiar that we don't have to condemn ourselves. I just want to say, we are still have hope. We are usually heard that someone’s password is hacked but in this article we can hack our own password as well. That is to make use of the yahoo password hacker to hack your own Yahoo account password.

How to hack your Yahoo account password with the yahoo password hacker? First of all, we have to talk about the yahoo password hacker. It is a kind of third party tool to help you figure out your Yahoo password and then show the password to you. It is convenient and small size, and usually easy to use.

One of the yahoo password hackers is the SmartKey Password Recovery Bundle. It is the famous tool to hack Yahoo password easily and quickly. Once you have ever saved your Yahoo login password in your browser, no matter what the browser is, you are going to use this password recovery bundle to find the password out.

How to use yahoo password hacker to hack Yahoo password?
Here I take this password recover bundle as an example. You only need 3 steps to hack it.

Step 1: Download password recovery bundle from and then install it to your computer.

Step 2: Open this bundle and then click the "Recover Email and Internet Browser Passwords", then you are going to enter another UI. Then click "Internet Password Recovery".

Step 3: At last press "Start Recovery" button and select "Recover IE password" from the drop-down list. After a while, the toolkit will show your username and the password to you.

Yes, that is the way to take advantage of yahoo password hacker to hack Yahoo password step by step. If you have any doubts about it, here is a video guide about what to do when you forgot Yahoo password. Don't miss it!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Forgot Your Twitter Password, How to Recover It

Question: I forgot Twitter password but how to recover it?

Hi all, I forgot my Twitter login password for 8 days, I have no idea why it happen. I lost it and have tried every possible password I can remember, however, none of them work! I am in a mass! I can’t even believe that I will forget my Twitter account login password on day! Is that my retribution? Does it mean that if I have not logon Twitter for about a week, then I will lost Twitter password? OMG, that is not fair to me!

Yes, today I write here to ask for help because I forgot Twitter password of my Twitter account. Oh shit! It is not others, it is my Twitter account. How could Twitter treat me like that? Does it mean someone is hacking my Twitter account to do something? Oh no! I can't imagine that if someone is using my Twitter account to pretend me. So does anyone have an idea about how to recover my forgotten Twitter password? Thanks in advance.

Answer 1: Retrieve Twitter Password via Forgot Password Link

To tell you the truth, Twitter has an entrance to get your account back. That is to make use of the “forgot password”link under the login textbox. You can just click the link and then enter your email address or your Twitter user name, and then click the Send button. After a while, open your email address that you register the account, then you will receive the reset password link, then you can retrieve twitter password successfully.

Answer 2: Recover Twitter Password via Password Recovery Bundle

As a matter of fact, the Answer One is appropriate for the guys who remember their email address. But what if you forgot the login email address as well, what should you do? In that case, you can take advantage of the Password Recovery Bundle to recover your lost Twitter account password.

The Password Recovery Bundle is a twenty-two in one useful and helpful toolkit that assists you finding out login information that you have saved in your browser. With it, you can easily get your Twitter login information back. It is almost to be an any password recovery tool because there are seldom tools to recover so many kinds of passwords like it.

One of the best bundles in the world is the SmartKey Password Recovery Bundle. Remember that it is a tool to recover your own Twitter password, not others. To get more detailed information about it, you can visit

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Windows Password Recovery - Top 3 Methods to Recover Windows Password

For the person who has one or two Windows laptop or desktop, it is normal for them to create passwords for their computers. However, there is a problem that once the computer user lost Windows password carelessly, it may be a disaster!

In that case, he or she may have no way to use the computer and even backup their data timely! That is absolutely an accident! At the same time, the computer can't be used any more. During quite a long time, no invention has received more praise and abuse than the computer. But every coin has two sides, sometimes it can be a trouble maker for its users.

Therefore, what can we do to rescue the poor computer and the unlucky guys? That is to find out an appropriate solution. But how to find out the better solution is also another question. Here I will introduce top 3 methods of them for you to refer.

Method 1: Windows password hint

When you create a login password, you can also type a password hint for your Windows account. It can be a series of numbers or characters. And then every time you login your Windows login, there is a password hint you can see, that is to help you remind of your password. Thus, if you have not yet created a password hint, hurry up to type one. If the password hint is not helpful for you to remind of the password, use another method.

Method 2: Windows password reset disk

There is no doubt that a Windows password reset disk is a good helper. It can be a CD or DVD and you can use it to recover Windows password when you forgot it or lost it by accident. What's more, the steps are also simple and you just have to follow the instruction and then reset it easily. Remember that it has to be created before you lost the password.

Method 3: Windows password recovery tool

The last but not least method is to take advantage of the Windows password recovery tool. There are so many tools you can choose to use. I highly recommend the SmartKey Windows Password Recovery because it is the first and better Windows password recovery tool I have used before. To know more about Windows password recovery you can check out

As a matter of fact, some people are likely to create not just one login account for their computers because under certain circumstance, the there are not just one person who use the machine, therefore in order to protect the personal privacy; they create more than one accounts. As a result, everyone has to type the right password in order to use the computer. Consequently, to recover or reset Windows password in a right way when you lost it is of great importance.

PS: If you need to learn other tips about Windows 7 or Windows 8 password recovery, you can search on this blog.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

How to Recover Forgotten Password As Soon As Possible

Have you ever lost your password? What if you forgot your password? Do you know how to recover lost password with an easy method? It is sometimes quite a mystery for us to guess the lost password? But for some of the guys who lost password, to get the password back or to unlock the password is get around the corner. Therefore, we are talking about recovering lost password and sharing tips about how to retrieve lost password here.

Password is sometimes a kind of protection for us. With a password, we can refuse other persons to see the secrets of us. In this society, if you have some privacy that is not good to be found by other persons, no matter the person is your father or your husband, you can create a password to protect it. Indeed, we all have secrets to other persons, sometimes it is a white lie, and sometimes it is the information that you don't allow other peers to see that.

So what is your way to recover forgotten password and get the password back? In some cases, the first action of use is to guess lost password. If the password is created by you, you are likely to guess it. But if you are not the original owner of the password, then it is quite difficult for you to guess it, even if you have the password hint or you figure out some clues.

I have a friend who lost his Windows password and have tried lots of methods to unlock his Windows laptop. He had a bad mood and asked me for help. At first I was not sure whether I am able to help him. Therefore, I Google Searched the keywords recover lost Windows password and try to find out some tips. After half an hour, I attempted to trust in a website: There is a product named SmartKey Windows Password Recovery. Finally I can't believe that I retrieve his lost Windows password successfully.

Besides this, I also find that there is not only one product in that smart key website. It has some other excellent tools and tips as well. After that, every time when my friends have their lost password problems, I always recommend SmartKey to them because it is a trusted website.

Some other storied also happened between me and this password recovery software. Such as when you lost Office password, you can recover lost Office password with its Office password recovery tool; when you lost iTunes backup password for your iPhone, iPad or iPod, you can take advantage of the iTunes backup password recovery to find it back; when you lost RAR archive password, you can make use of the RAR password recovery; when you can't remember your Facebook or Yahoo login password, you can even use the password recovery bundle to get the password back.

All of this is to prove that the SmartKey is a wonderful tool to recover lost password and solve any password recovery problems. If you have any other good idea about how to recover lost password, welcome to share with me.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Facebook Password Recovery - How to Recover Lost Facebook Login Password Instantly

At present, Facebook login is everywhere. You can login Facebook using your personal computer, your tablets or even your mobile phone. To login Facebook you need to type the Email or phone and your password. Email or phone is not easy to lose. However, once you lose the login password, you cannot login any more. Therefore, if there are ways to recover Facebook password, it will be great! In this article, you will learn tips about Facebook password recovery and I hope them helpful to you.

Facebook is a good SNS website to share your emotions and your photos with your friends or your family members. Perhaps as long as you got some ideas or some feelings, you will login your Facebook and attempt to share them on your Facebook. Every time you need to login Facebook account in order to update Facebook. But to lose Facebook password is so troublesome, especially you have tried so many times and nothing help. Thus, you need to find out methods to deal with your Facebook login problem.

So is there any method to login Facebook once you forgot Facebook password by accident? The answer is yes and the method is not only one! You can read them as below:

Tips 1: Reset Facebook password with forgot your password link

There is a reset password link behind the login password textbox. You can click it and then enter another page. It requires you to find your account with your Email, your phone, your username or full name. If you are sure you have typed the right information, you can type the Search button and then enter another page.

Then you have several options to reset the password. You can login your email account to quickly reset Facebook password, email a link to reset the password or even send a message to reset your Facebook password. Then you can click Continue button to finish the process.

Tips 2: Hack Facebook password with Facebook password recovery tool

Another practical method is to hack Facebook login password with a Facebook password recovery tool. If you forgot all the login information of your Facebook account, including the Email or the phone, this way is quite useful and helpful to you.

To be honest, there is no best Facebook password recovery tool in the world. The tools are always better than before. What's more, different users have different reviews for their product. So it is hard to definite that whether it is the best one. You have to try it on your own.

As far as I am concerned, I am one of the SmartKey Password Recovery Bundle users. I tried this tool to recover Facebook password of my old account and it worked. As a consequence, I recommend it to you. You can check out for more details.